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Passover Gift Baskets

Passover - Should I Bring or Send a Passover Gift or Passover Gift Basket?

Even though Pessach or Passover is Jewish holyday that doesn't require any giving of gifts or baskets ( In Purim one is required to give to at least to two people a small basket called Mishloach Manot with two kinds of kosher snacks); Any giving of a gift is always welcome... Passover Gift BAskets Canada

Whenever we are asked to comment on an invitation for a shabbos to a friend we may give of course before shabat recommend some kosher dessert or wine.

What's the best way to show gratitude for a gentle kind invitation? By bringing a little gift. There's nothing better than showing gratitute to a friendly good deed ( mitzvah).

Good deeds ( Mitzvot ) should always be appreciated, just as friendships shouldn't be taken for granted.

There are a lot of option ! Just be careful to take something kosher for Passover ! Make sure it has an orthodox supervision ! It's better if you can have it delivered to her home or bring along with you before the sunset, since it's a yom tov.

You can check several options of PESSACH gift ideas on our website! GOOD LUCK !!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME BY THE SEDER !