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Candy! Candy! Candy! Gift Basket

  • This Candy Gift Basket includes great tasting candies -- some that will be eaten immediately and some that will be savoured for months!
  • NOUGAT PASSION – soft Nougat with strawberries – 100g
    Mrs. Bridges – Blueberry and Raspberry – 155g
    Jelly Belly – Watermelon Jelly Beans – 200g
    Sweet N Fun Products Ltd. – Sweet Whirls
    Chocolate Candies - 4 flavours - these chocolate candies are absolutely wonderful!

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Customer Reviews

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Canadian Half Yard Beer Basket

Absolutely brilliant

I had already had chances of using this basket a couple of times earlier also, and every time it was a success. So I ordered it again as a few of my friends were coming for a small get-together. Among the other things, the items of this basket were distinctly appreciated and enjoyed. We had a great time relishing the beer, popcorn, delicious jerky, and other snacks from this basket. My friends found it lovely and I recommended this site to them as well. Keep up the good work!

A nice birthday gift

Got this basket for my boyfriend on his birthday and to my immense pleasure, it was outstanding. Everything was absolutely delectable and perfect. My boyfriend is a hardcore non-vegetarian and loved the items in the basket a lot. The presentation of the basket was attractive and the delivery was quite prompt, didn't have to wait much. I would certainly recommend this and given the response of my boyfriend to this basket, would like to try it again.

A great surprise for the recipient

This was a house-warming present for a friend and they were really surprised with the quality of the basket and the stuff within. Even I was not expecting it to be this wonderful. Thank you for the lovely basket.