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Gourmet Gouda & Pasta Gift Set

  • Treat your dear ones to the incredible flavors of the Gourmet Gouda & Pasta Gift Set, which includes the finest Italian staples and appetizing treats for a wholesome and memorable meal with the family. These include Sacla Italia’s unbelievably good aglio arrostito sauce and pesto alla genovese sauce for both red and white sauce perfection for your pasta, beautifully nutty Arla Gouda cheese that will pair well with a glass of wine, crackers or flatbreads, mezze maniche pasta by Mancini Pastifico, and mezze penne rigate pasta by Rummo-Maestri Pasti that offer a trip to Italy within minutes of prep in your kitchen. Also featured is San Severino Marche’s rich balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil, as well as lovely essentials like bamboo cutting board, a four-piece airtight canister to store and preserve ingredients, and a six-jar revolving spice rack that makes a great addition to the kitchen.
  • Acetaia Bellei - 250ml
    1 Box of Pasta Mancini - Penne Pasta - 500g
    1 Bottle Glassy-Crema-250ml
    Boschetto - extra virgin olive oil – 200ml
    2 x Neal Brothers - Pasta Sauce - 700ml
    Hardwood Smoked - Chicken - 40g
    3 x Smoke - Smoked spices and seasonings - 50g and three dips/rubs
    Wildly Delicious - Olive Oil - 250ml 

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Just the place for perfect gifts

I am not much up for buying gifts online but this site seems great to me - I've already bought two sets of gifts within 15 mins. Looks like I am going to use this service quite often now. So many options, so many varieties. Just mix and match the products and you are ready with a perfect gift for every occasion. Can't wait for my hampers to arrive.

Great quality stuff

A perfect gift for Italian food lovers. All the items are of excellent quality and the resultant food turns out to be really delicious. A must-try hamper. My family loved it and we order it quite often

Good service.

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the hamper. I was delighted that it arrived before our children were leaving for the holidays; I was afraid they would miss it.. We immensely enjoyed the pasta and the seasonings were great.