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Kosher Snacking Gift Basket

  • Would your gift recipient appreciate something to brighten their day? Then give them the Kosher Snacking Gift Basket. This Kosher Gift Basket comes with everything needed to enjoy a delightfully relaxing evening at home. With such delectable treats as biscotti, cheese, spreads, and crackers, plus a bottle of premium Kosher wine, this basket is guaranteed to be enjoyed.
  • With Love From Mom Popcorn: This light and delicious popcorn is carefully seasoned and made with love. Inspired by Mom's home cooking, this popcorn will satisfy any craving while reminding you of home.

    DiBella Biscotti: This biscotti, a staple of Italian dessert, comes from a recipe passed on for over three generations. Its subtle sweetness is a delight to behold, and is the end result of a recipe refined to perfection. 6.6oz

    Fresh Fruit:
    2 Anjou Pears
    2 Red Delicious Apples
    2 Oranges

    Spudnik's Popcorn: Popcorn is a classic snack for just about any conceivable moment. Be it late at night or the middle of the afternoon, popcorn seems to always hit the right spot when any snack food craving comes knocking. 40g

    Mariner Organic Flatbread: Made from only the finest ingredients, and guaranteed to be Kosher, vegan and GMO free, Mariner crackers are a true delight that everybody can enjoy.

    Twisted Tapenade: Tapenade has a long and storied history, with early variations of the dish originating from the height of the Roman Empire. It is the ideal hors d'oeuvre for any occasion, and pairs beautifully with crackers, bread, and wine.

    Divine Milk Chocolate Bar: This chocolate is aptly named, for the smooth rich texture of Divine Confections chocolate can only be described as heavenly.

    CaPeachio's Water Crackers: A classic staple of any appetizer. CaPeachio's Peppercorn & Poppy Water Crackers will complete any starting course, and are perfect for any occasion. Better yet, they are Kosher, vegan friendly, and GMO free. 125g.

    Kosher Cheese Wedge: This fine Kosher cheese has a distinct but subtle flavor that is sure to delight. It is best served with crisp crackers and spread.

    Kosher Cheese Block: This sharp Kosher cheese is a delight for any dairy aficionado. Its flavour profile, though strong, is not domineering, allowing it to pair well with citrus and spreads. Best enjoyed with a glass of dry red wine.

    Cheese Knives: These beautiful and durable cheese knives will help complete any appetizer set. The artisanal wood handle forms a naturally comfortable grip, while the high-grade steel blade maintains a long lived edge.

    Wine Glasses: These elegant glasses will enhance any wine experience. The set comes complete with two glasses, so a bottle can be shared in style.

    Seagrass Basket with Handles: The Kosher Night In gift basket is made complete by this beautiful seagrass basket. Not only does it make for a great presentation of the set, it is also a useful container to keep around for storing bread, fruit, spices, toys, or just about anything you can think of.

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Jm from BC
Thumbs Up

Great Job

Tayler Duffy
Love this company.

Once again, quality gifts and quality service. Thanks so much for your attention to detail

Aubrey Easton
A pleasure to do business with.

We received our products very quickly and are pleased with the quality and design.

5 star

The Be'er Sheeva Kosher Gift Basket

Eileen McEwen
Holiday Gift Basket

Lovely. Just the right touch!