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Plentiful August Bounty Kosher Gift Basket

  • Filled to the brim with a collection of the finest delights, the Plentiful August Bounty Kosher Gift Basket is a sight to behold. This luxury Kosher Gift Basket comes included with everything needed to celebrate any occasion, and is guaranteed to impress the epicurean snack lover in your life. With spreads, crackers, fresh fruit, chocolate, Kosher wine, and more, the Plentiful August Bounty Kosher Gift Basket is the ideal way to indulge.
  • Kettle Brand Chips: Each and every one of these kettle chips is a crisp and flavorful experience. Sourced from natural ingredients, these artfully crafted chips bring a smile with every bite.

    Martin's Crispy Apple Chips: These delightfully crisp apple chips are as delicious as they are healthy. With no added preservatives or sugar, these 100% dehydrated apple chips are the perfect snack for any occasion.

    Spudniks Popcorn: Popcorn is a classic snack for just about any conceivable moment. Be it late at night or the middle of the afternoon, popcorn seems to always hit the right spot when any snack food craving comes knocking. 40g

    Hogtown Eats Pepper & Poppy Water Crackers: There are few appetizers as satisfying as cheese and crackers. These water crackers will not disappoint, and are the perfect companion to just about any cheese or spread.

    Delish Three Pepper Blast: It's not too often one stumbles upon a sauce that works with just about any meal. Three Pepper Blast by Delish however is the rare kind of condiment that can be served with cheese and crackers just as well as it can be served on a hot dog or with a sandwich. 330ml.

    Beezy Mint Honey: Sweet and supple, impeccable and pure, Beezy's line of flavoured honeys is sure to leave a lasting impression that will not soon be forgotten. 250ml.

    Wooocolate Bardard's Ch: A satisfyingly pure and simple chocolate experience, the perfect response to any chocolatey craving.

    Bohemi-Animals Dark Chocolate Bar: The world's only chocolate that makes you legitimately wonder if a bunny, crow, or kitty might be more hip than you. This smooth and savory chocolate is a delight for every sweet tooth and comes with some hidden fashion advice if you admire the label long enough.

    Hogtown Eats Honey Roasted Beer Nuts: After one small bite you'll go nuts. Nuts for nuts that is! These nuts are carefully glazed and roasted, ensuring that every taste is as satisfyingly crunchy and delicious as the last.

    Tea Beau Tea: A delight for the senses, Tea Beau tea is both simple and exciting. Sourced from the finest ingredients, Tea Beau tea offer a flavor experience of the highest order, and is a must for any tea enthusiast.

    Twisted Topper: This delightfully unique topper is the combination of varied yet complimenting ingredients that pairs beautifully with cheese, crackers, or just about any other appetizer.

    2 DiBella Biscotti: This biscotti, a staple of Italian dessert, comes from a recipe passed on for over three generations. Its subtle sweetness is a delight to behold, and is the end result of a recipe refined to perfection. 1.1oz

    Fresh Fruit: This basket contains a collection of fine fresh fruit. The following produce is included
    2 Granny Smith Apples
    2 Royal Gala Apples
    1 Bunch Red Grapes
    1 Pineapple

    Wicker Shopping Basket: This durable, beautiful, and adaptable basket is the perfect tool to tackle any basket related need. The basket is not only perfectly suited to storing fruit, bread, treats, or knick-knacks around the house, but also ideal for carrying groceries or taking on a warm afternoon picnic.

What Is Included in this Kosher Wine Gift Basket?

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Winnie Gibbons
Delivery was timely.

Yorksville made every part of our purchase as easy as it could be. Our rep, Brian, was very attentive and made sure all of our questions were answered.

Michael Manaster

very nice basket. Delivered promptly

Michael Manaster

very nice basket. Delivered promptly

Russell Johnson
Excellent service

Great customer service and met all our expectations in delivery quality gifting for our clients.