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Romance & Entertaining Gift Basket

  • This  gift basket features a heart shaped cutting board, bread dippers, fine crackers and a bottle of our house wine, which can be upgraded if you wish.

  • East Shore Sweet & Hot for Cheese Mustard, 5 Oz
    Burgundy Wine Glass
    Dorians Baked Crackers (Intense Za'atari) - 175g
    Fromage Camembert Cheese - 250g
    Wildly Delicious Mini Bread Dipper Sundried Tomato and Basil
    Wildly Delicious Mini Bread Dipper Roasted Garlic and Parmesan
    Aunt Gloria's Sesame Water Crackers 127g
    Joy Styxs – Freds Bread – 180g
    2 Valentine's Chocolate Bars
    Opies Black Olives 227g
    Heart Shaped Wooden Cutting Board With 3 Knives

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
very impressed

This user friendly web-site makes gift buying stress free. I use this site because I have peace of mind that whatever I choose to send, it will always be eye appealing and have a great variety of quality products. The baskets have been so beautiful that they always find another purpose for the recipient and that in itself is a gift. It's a nice feeling to have knowing that I made someone else happy by sending them a gift basket from this site. The shipping has been on time and it is easy to track where the package is.

loved the basket

Ordered this basket for my parents for Christmas hoping for a last minute delivery, and it arrived a day earlier than expected. They were amazed at the basket, and has a sufficient variety of snacks thru the holidays. This was a great present, and a great value considering the variety of items.

A pleasing gift

Sent this to my mother-in-law on behalf of my husband for valentines day which happens to be her birthday as well. The basket was delivered to her the next day. Never having used this site before, I was kind of hoping for the basket to turn out acceptable, at least, but it was much better than that. Mother-in-law loved the assortment and seemed impressed with the appearance of the basket. It was well worth the price. Thanks a lot, will come back again.

good presentation

The recipient of this beautiful basket was my girlfriend and she was absolutely overwhelmed, commenting that every time she thought they were finished there was more to be taken out of the basket! I thought it was absolutely beautiful and very, very generous. We enjoyed our valentines, at home enjoying the contents and spending quality time with each other.

great company

This was a wonderful, unexpected surprise from my boyfriend for valentines day. The basket was huge, and beautifully loaded with all kinds of goodies from cheese and crackers, chocolates,strawberries and other tasty treats. It was certainly worth gazing upon before I dug into it, enjoying the selection and flavors. This basket really made me feel special and I loved everything about it. Highly recommended to let someone know you care!