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Singing The Blues Gift Table

  • The Singing The Blues Gift Table holds a wide variety of delicious gourmet goodies, and if someone is having a bad day, week, or month, guaranteed to cheer them up in an instant! From jam, to cooking sauces; cheese and toast; nuts; chips, crackers, and cookies; pretzels and chocolate, this gift contains flavours and textures suited for every craving.
  • Kettles Sea Salt & Vinegar - 220g
    Paris Toasts Whole Wheat Toast Bread - 80g
    Castello Danish Cheese - 125g
    Venetian Feta Mixed Olive Tapenade - 215g
    Rustic Bakery Handmade Chocolate Chip Cookies - 112g
    Harvest Sweets All Natural Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries - 100g
    East Shore Specialty Foods Seasoned Pretzels - 227g
    Baked With Love Cheese - 75g
    Neal Brothers Foods Extremely Tasty Tortillas - 300g
    Poppies Sugar Glazed Puff Pastry Butter Cookies - 125g
    G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix Popped Corn - 227g
    Dreidles And Donuts Black Tea Tealish - 100g
    Sugar Surge Milk Chocolate Square - 90g
    Harvest Sweets All Natural Blueberry Cookie Snaps - 100g
    Pierre Biscuiterie French Butter Cookies With Coconut - 150g
    Yorkville Gourmet Black Currant Handmade House Brand Jam - 250ml
    Hogtown Eats Water Crackers
    With Love From Mom Assorted Gummies (Jujubes)
    Aww Nuts Maple Praline Almonds
    Stand up wooden miniature table

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Smor Basket

Great basket, the kids loved it. Thank you