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A Sweet Treat For Mother’s Day

  • A Sweet Treat For Mother’s Day from Yorkville's is a perfect gift to give to a very special mom.This Mother’s Day basket includes some of the best varieties of specialty chocolates that are sure to delight any chocolate lover. Complete with treats to indulge her on her special day, we are sure this gift basket is exactly what you need to celebrate your main woman!

  • Marner Flatbread Crackers: These Sea Salt Multigrain crackers are an absolute delight, and it's no surprise, Mariner has been crafting crackers since 1931, and they've learned a thing or two along the way. Enjoy with a cheese, spread, or simply on their own.

    Plush Teddy Bear: There's something special about plush that no other gift can express. This item has the unique ability to put a smile on someone's face, bring comfort and just lift a mood.

    Spudniks Popcorn:Flavoured popcorn is one of the most satisfying snack foods there is, and Spudniks makes it oh so convenient. Each batch is carefully prepared to ensure that every kernel is popped to perfection, and guaranteed to delight.

    Delish Strawberry Jam: This traditional jam is made from fine fresh strawberries, to ensure every jar is filled with a delightfully smooth taste and texture. Enjoy with toast, scones, biscuits, or any other sweet.

    Laura Secord Maple Fudge: Made with pure maple syrup, Laura Secord has been crafting fine fudge and chocolate since 1913 and their long history of success is all thanks to their delicious desserts.

    Milk Chocolate Gems: The best chocolate snacks ever, these coated chocolates are the perfect and delicious treats made with milk chocolate.

    Chocolate Shaped Heart: This chocolate shaped heart is the perfect way to win the heart of that special someone. Made out of white and dark chocolate.

    Beezy Ginger Honey: It has been said that honey is the food of the gods, and if you've ever tasted its smooth and sweet perfection you probably understand why. Beezy honey offers an unparalleled experience that is sure to delight the taste buds.

    The Shortbread Bakery Original Gourmet Shortbread Cookies: As the name implies, The Shortbread Bakery specializes in baking shortbread. These delicate and crumbly cookies are artfully crafted to perfection and are a true delight to the tastebuds.

    Hendrickx Milk Chocolate Bar: Rich and creamy, HENDRICKX Belgian Chocolate is the apex of delight. Traditionally crafted by dedicated chocolatier’s, HENDRICKX is a name you can trust to satisfy any chocolate craving.

    Almond Roca: Crunchy butterscotch coated with luscious chocolate and coated with almonds, with toffee and sea salt, the Roca Milk Chocolate thins are definitely a decadent indulgence.

    Wine Crate:A Sweet Treat For Mother’s Day arrives packaged in a hand-crafted crate. The traditional crate is elegant in its simplicity, adding an air of rustic charm.

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Great hamper

It was an ample basket with a lot of brilliant goodies in it. I got this for mom after receiving my first pay in my first proper job. The contents were great and it made my gift even better. Mom was very happy when she saw it and loved every inclusion of the hamper. The edibles tasted great and fresh. A much-recommended hamper.