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Warmth and Plenty Hanukkah Board

  • With the Warmth and Plenty Hanukkah Board, treat your friends and family to a deluxe mid-morning or post-dinner refreshment. There’s a little something for both coffee and tea drinkers! Whether enjoyed warm or cold, this gift set brings all the warmth of Hanukkah to rest of the year. Featured in this gift set are smooth English Breakfast Tea, robust Magnificent Bastard Fair trade coffee, decadent chocolate sea salt caramels, and Wildflower Orchards honey. For serving, use the powder blue teapot and acacia wood cutting board.

  • Magnificent Bastard Fair Trade Coffee Medium Dark SCOUNDREL :An aptly named coffee to be sure, its bold and unique flavors crash over the taste buds like a powerful wave, delighting the senses with every sip.

    Cérémonie Kosher English Breakfast Tea :With a tantalizing blend of Kosher Assam and Ceylon tea leaves, awaken your senses with this robust tea of exquisite aroma and luminous auburn hue. The traditional English choice for the morning hours commonly served with milk and sugar.

    Marich Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels :The soft, buttery goodness of our handcrafted sea salt caramels wrapped in rich, dark chocolate.

    Wildflower Orchards Wildflower Honey :Wildflower Orchards Organic honey is unfiltered and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, contains enzymes, bee pollen, and propolis, which means you are enjoying the purest form, directly from the hive, as natural as if you collected it yourself!

    Powder Blue 6 cup Windsor Teapot :Enjoy a delicious cup of freshly steeped tea with 6 cup Windsor Teapot in the fetching Powder Blue color. Durable stoneware construction keeps your tea hot while steeping and perfect for a crowd.

    Dark Wood Cutting Board w/ Black End :This beautiful Cutting Board is cut for grace and balance and varnished by hand. The hard hues of acacia wood in accent with the black tip are designed to provide an elegant experience.

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Hannukah Gift Basket
Hannukah Gift Basket
Wonderful Gift
great products and service
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