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5 Gifts to Make His First Father's Day Special

May 25, 2018

5 Gifts to Make His First Father's Day Special

A man’s first Father’s Day is one that calls for celebration. After a riot of sleepless nights and the dreaded nappy changes, you know that he deserves one! Of all the firsts he’s had and is going to have in his life, this is probably by far one the most special ones; so be sure to make it a memorable day by treating him to the best and most thoughtful gifts out there.

Yorkville’s Father’s Day gift baskets are a great way to show the new dad that he’s loved and appreciated. Our thoughtfully customized selection of gifts are a favorite amongst dads owing to the wide array of goodies that it comes with. Our gift baskets come packed with gourmet goods, themed treats and the finest liquor of your choice.

Here are some of our most thoughtful and unique gift baskets that have everything a new dad needs to enjoy his down time and are definitely poised to be a hit with him. You never know, this could be the start of a new tradition for the years to come…



Father's Day Gift Basket - New Dad Gifts - First Father's DayLoaded with root beers and the finest gourmet treats  ranging from Pepperoni, Salami, Beef Jerky, Cheese, Chips, Crackers, Nuts, Cookies and more, this gift crate comes complete with everything he needs to enjoy a perfectly relaxed evening. This gift basket also comes with a seal of approval from the Marilyn Dennis show, where it was featured as one of the most sought-after gifts for special occasions.  If I were you, I’d be rushing to find my credit card to place an order!




Father's Day - New DadIs the new dad an ardent sports fan who has an equally big sweet tooth that wont back down? Then this gift basket is for him! Tucked into a giant ceramic football mug, the gift basket features a collection of rich, decadent, chocolate dipped strawberries. You can also add other gourmet treats and liquor of your choice to make this a gift that will be sure to leave your main man feeling loved and appreciated like never before.




Father's Day Gifts - New Dad GiftsFilled with the best craft beers encased in a custom engraved wooden crate, there’s no surprise that this is one of our most popular gift baskets at Yorkville’s. You also have the option to add on gourmet treats, fruits, flowers, balloons and other liquor options of your choice to make this basket truly unique and custom to suit the taste of the recipient. Now which beer lover doesn’t love a gift basket filled with some of Ontario’s finest craft beers with treats to match?




Father's Day Gifts - New Dad GiftsThis one’s for the new dad who loves to indulge in the finer things in life. The gift box features the Classy Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey flanked by whiskey glasses, cigars, a cigar cutter, nuts, tea and even a tie! We are sure the man is missing his quiet time ever since the arrival of the little one, so this gift is a great way to let him savour his me-time just the way he likes it.Did we also mention that all of these goodies come in a handcrafted wooden box that's a great keepsake?




Father's Day Gifts - New Dad GiftsWith all the late nights he’s been diligently putting in trying to get the baby to sleep, the new dad in your life is sure to be over the moon to receive our Classic English Breakfast gift basket. Complete with 2 high quality teas, along with sweets and cookies contained in a teacup shaped basket, this gift basket is exactly the morning fix he’s been looking for to give him that extra jolt of energy to power through the day.



















 Author: Natasha Pradeep