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How To Choose The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Gift

March 12, 2018

The Perfect St. Patrick's Day Gift

Whether it’s for a friend or a family member, here’s our guide to gift giving.

Only a chosen few have mastered the art of gift-giving and if you aren’t part of the club, don’t worry, there is hope for you. All it takes is knowing the person you want to gift. That doesn’t mean you have to unearth their “hidden desires”, but it helps to have some idea of their likes and dislikes. Hopefully you’ve paid attention to the person you want to give a St. Patrick’s Day gift to, because they have likely talked about things they want. Then if you do end up gifting them one of those things, it’ll show that you care enough to listen to and remember their words.

However, things can get tricky when people are not direct about their likes and dislikes. Not everyone is forward enough to say: “If the Cleveland Browns ever make it to the Superbowl, I want tickets!” First of all, even if the person who said that was immortal, those tickets may very well never come into existence. But even though some people are not that direct, they do tend to give clues about what they like. You just have to be observant enough to pick up on those clues.

So, if you know the person you want to gift is a sports fan, get them tickets when their favourite team is playing. You can also consider gifting them the Carlsberg Game Day Snack Basket, which is perfect for a night of watching the game with friends, with enough beer and munchies for everyone. If the team they support is playing on St. Patrick’s Day and happens to lose, this gift basket will console them better than anything or anyone else, thus salvaging a little good this St. Patrick’s Day.

Gift-giving is also dependent on the occasion. In the case of St. Patrick’s Day, even if you aren’t exactly sure what they like, just go with something green that has leprechauns on it. Or you can browse through our St. Patrick’s Day Gift Basket collections! You can be sure that one of our gift baskets will have you covered.


Best Friend/Sibling

The Chocolate Apple & Cider Crate is perfect for your best friend or sibling. The three chocolate dipped granny smith apples will hopefully keep the doctor away for at least three days, and the eight bottles of Pommies Dry Cider will comfort them if the doctor does happen to give them bad news! The apples and cider happen to come inside a classy crate that’s quite easy on the eyes and has many other uses too. For example, the next time you go on an outing, put some snacks in the crate to take with you! You’ll soon wonder how you managed to get this far in life without this crate and will thank Saint Patrick for blessing you with the wisdom to purchase it.



If your father is a beer aficionado, then our Irish Pub Beer Set is the ideal way for him to immerse himself in Irish culture on St. Patrick’s Day. It features five bottles of Heineken and four beer mugs crafted by the finest local Toronto glassware experts. There’s nothing better than unwinding on St. Patrick’s Day with a cool mug of Heineken and completely forgetting about all the stresses that come with being an adult.

For your mother, we recommend the Pot Of Gold Gift Basket, which is more valuable than an actual pot of gold as far as we’re concerned. It has the perfect balance of sweet and salty snacks, and is sure to satisfy a wide range of taste buds. It comes with crispy chips, cheese and chocolates which are paired with five Grolsch premium lagers. This golden gift basket will ensure your mother has a delightfully golden St. Patrick’s Day.


Significant Other

The Grand Celtic Gift Basket is for the love of your life. It’s the ideal choice to make your St. Patrick’s Day, well, grand! It includes an arrangement of high quality snacks and dips, four Moosehead beers and plenty of chocolates that are almost as sweet as your sweetheart. It comes with pretzels, delish gourmet mint jelly, divine confections mint milk chocolate, and dibella pistachio cranberry biscotti. Basically, it has everything you need for a grand St. Patrick’s Day.

Well, there you have it, the all-encompassing guide to gift giving on St. Patrick’s Day! For even more options, feel free to browse our St. Patrick’s Day Gift Basket collections.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Author: Rohan Parekh