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Brunch Special Gift Basket

  • Handcrafted for indulgence and handpicked with care, the Brunch Special Gift Basket is a beautiful set that is guaranteed to spread joy to your recipient and makes for a perfect birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or even a ‘thank you’ present. It includes organic delights like Wildflower Orchards’ nutrient-rich honey, aromatic Earl Grey tea by O’Tea, and Mariner’s crispy flatbread crackers that will elevate the flavors of your casual Sunday breakfasts and brunches. Also included are goodies like Monarch’s velvety-smooth chocolate truffles, beautiful dark and white chocolate strawberries by Marich, a fluffy and tender lemon poppy seed loaf, luscious strawberry jam by Greaves, an Acacia wood cutting board, and Cookie It Up’s delectable dark chocolate oatmeal cookies.

  • Black Edge Acacia Wood Cutting Board :This cutting board is the perfect standard size cutting board for all your cutting needs. In addition, its beautiful coloring lends itself to the  fine black edge along the front. Serve, chop, and eat in style with the Black Edge Acacia Wood Cutting Board.

    Lemon Poppyseed Loaf :This traditional Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf is guaranteed to bring back memories of home. This loaf is the perfect treat for a morning or brunch snack that goes well with a glass of coffee, it is both tender and moist with a sweet lemon flavour.  We do our best to keep our products as healthy and safe for all users, but they are processed in the same facility as products that contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.

    Greaves Pure  Strawberry Jam :Our number one best seller, and for good reason. Vivid sparkling red colour and sensational flavour create this aromatic jam. Try it on ice cream or cheesecake or simply dazzle your waffles and croissants.

    Cookie It Up Hand Made Dark Chocolate Oatmeal :The exquisite union of dark chocolate, crunchy oats and coconut.

    Wildflower Orchards Wildflower Honey :Wildflower Orchards Organic honey is unfiltered and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, contains enzymes, bee pollen, and propolis, which means you are enjoying the purest form, directly from the hive, as natural as if you collected it yourself!

    Chocolate-Truffles-Monarch-Silver :The king of confections and chocolates once again proves their mettle with these delightfully light yet decadent chocolate truffles.  Evolving flavours roll across the palate, indulging the senses with each and every morsel.

    Marich Dark & White Chocolate Strawberries :Our Dark and White Chocolate Strawberries are crafted with sweet West Coast strawberries layered in rich dark chocolate with a coating of strawberry flavored white chocolate. The perfect indulgent gift for any occasion. Relax…pour yourself a glass of Champagne and pair away.

    O'Tea Organic Early Grey Tea :An absolutely unparalleled blend of high-grown Ceylon tea and 100% all-natural oil of bergamot. Trust us when we say that you’ve never had an Earl Grey quite like this. Heady on the nose and layered with deep, passionate notes of exquisite citrus. A full-leafed, loose-leaf Earl Grey you’ll never forget. Other-worldly.  Tasting notes: An unbelievable aroma that portends an unbelievable taste. We have been told repeatedly: “This is the best Earl Grey I have ever tasted!”

    Rosemary Organic Flatbread Crackers :Mariner's Rosemary Lavasch Crisp Flatbreads are a perfect side to soups and salads. Or dress them up a bit with your favorite spreads for a simple, delicious appetizer. Our flatbreads are certified USDA organic.

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