Heineken Gift Basket

  • Both elegant and indulging - the extravagant Heineken Gift Basket from Yorkville’s is a terrifically satiating gift for any brew aficionado. Featuring an assortment of high-quality snacks, including dark chocolate cookies, a milk chocolate bar, chocolate covered blueberries, peanut brittle, dipping pretzels, crackers, popcorn, and smoky garlic onion mustard, alongside a wonderful keg of classic Heineken beer to top things off. Additionally, this delightful collection of snacks and refreshments comes included with 2 tall drinking glasses and a bamboo cutting board ready to enjoy with any meal. A gift that is sure to impress any aficionado of quality beer and gourmet treats!

  • Keg of Beer :This gift set includes a keg of beer, which is perfect for entertaining and keeping beer crisper longer. 

    Bruges Classic Peanut Brittle :Bruges delivers the classic sweet-salty deliciousness of peanut butter in an irresistibly crunchy form - pairs brilliantly with just about any snack!

    Laitiere Square Chocolate Bar :Rich and sweet, milk chocolate is always a treat. Indulge in Laitiere Milk Chocolate and savour the little things.

    Cookie it Up: Evies Edges Milk Chocolate Chip :These irresistible cookies combine melt-in-your-mouth shortbread with heaps of scrumptious milk chocolate chips.

    East Shore Dipping Pretzels :Anything goes with this unseasoned pretzel! These plump, salted sticks are true to their name. They are excellent for dipping in EAST SHORE mustards.

    Popping Amaizing Popcorn :A simple and delicious snack, our popcorn is fresh, handmade, and sure to please! This corn will hit the spot, no matter when the craving hits.

    Smoky  Garlic Onion Mustard :Sweet onions and a touch of smoke make this traditional American style mustard dynamite. It is terrific in barbeque sauce or as a spread.

    Tall Beer Glasses (2) :Perfectly shaped for optimal enjoyment, these tall glasses feature a footed design with an attractive profile. Enjoy beer, cocktails, soda, or even dessert in this durable glassware.

    Bamboo Cutting Board Large :This beautiful classic cutting board has so many uses. Made from bamboo, this Thick sturdy board is great from serving your favorite cheeses and charcuterie. 30 x 45 x 2 cm, 11.8 x 17.7 x 0.5 inches

    Partners Crackers Everything & More :These versatile crackers have whole grains, seeds, roasted garlic, and even onion juice! Freshly made, these artisan crackers are a delicious way to enjoy fruit, meat, dip, and so much more.

    Bruges Classic Chocolate Covered Blueberries Pillow Box 50 g :Our Bruges Classic Chocolate Covered Blueberries are made with real dried blueberries covered in gourmet chocolate. These delicious chocolate covered treats are made to perfection for a sweet treat you can feel good about. 50 g

What Is Included in this Beer Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

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Gail Agostinis
Birthday gift

I saw very pleased with the gift and the arrival time.

David Hurrell

Because the reviews were all positive. Others were intrigued, and they proposed that your company's gesture be duplicated! I am happy with my gift basket. Full ratings.

Harlow Kerr
Knowledgeable customer service

Very happy to have found this site. Many of the bottles I was looking for were not available to me locally. Yorkvilles had exactly what I was looking after.

Musa Mair
A GREAT supplier for all my needs!

Found, ordered, shipped, arrived, ENJOY!