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Italian Coffee Gift Basket

  • Caffe Del Faro Espresso Italiano coffee, delacate and delicious cookies and an Espresso set. What more could you want? This Italian Coffee Gift Basket is a great gift for someone who enjoys great coffee!
  • Caffe Del Faro – Espresso Italiano coffee – 250g
    Fatty Sundays – Chocolate covered Pretzels – 72g
    PIERRE BISCUITERIE – Pure Butter Cookie – 125g
    DESEO – Pure Butter Crispy Biscuits – 115g
    Cookie It Up – Chocolate Cookie – 85g
    Eleni’s – Oatmeal Choc Chip – 198g
    Cookie It Up – Cookie Biscuit – 200g
    Rustic Bakery – Cookies – 112g
    Artisan - Shortbread - 100g
    Coffee Cup Set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
The gift was a hit

Sent this classy hamper to my mother-in-law and she was very impressed with it. Coffee is her weakness so I didn't have to think much before ordering the basket. It had a great collection of products that go very well with coffee. I heard it was packaged very beautifully too. So, thanks.

Excellent gift

Great value for a good quality gift. Although, not sure why we were given champagne glasses when the description said red glasses, and the wine was a white. Either way, nice gift.

The gift just made my day

Got this basket from my fiance on my birthday as a surprise gift. I liked the way this basket was presented beautifully in a perfect birthday gift wrapping. The wine was refreshing with light notes of butter and hazelnut and quite a good intensity to it. The flowers too were fresh and arranged nicely in a hat box. I enjoyed this hamper and would like to gift one of it to my folks.

It was gorgeous

Just can't put in words how lovely the basket was. The packaging was spectacular and the items were tempting. Delicious wine, two wine glasses, a stiletto shaped wine bottle holder, a box of mouth-watering chocolates and a cuddly plush bear. It was a gift from my husband and I totally gorged on it.

So happy with the feedback the basket got

Was looking for a nice gift basket for my granny and zeroed it down on this basket. I was not quite sure it will arrive on time or not as I was already placing the order quite late. But I was pleasantly surprised. Not only it arrived on it, it also made my granny very happy. She was thrilled on unwrapping the basket. She loved all the items and went on and on about the coffee and shortbread. Great Service. Would love to order it again.