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Soothing Care Spa Gift Crate

  • Treat the senses to a herbal and calming assortment of skincare essentials in our Soothing Care Spa Gift Crate that believes in cleansing the skin while replenishing its natural glow. You can gift this beautiful set to friends and family on their birthdays and anniversaries or even on special occasions and holidays. The highlights of this set include Thymes Neroli Sol products including mineral-rich bath salts, invigorating bubble bath, aloe enriched cleansing body wash, moisturizing body lotion with shea butter and glycerin, and blue green algae extract infused bar soap, as well as a eucalyptus reed diffuser with notes of lemongrass and bergamot for a lavish spa-like experience at home. Also featured are gently exfoliating gloves to boost circulation and fragrant lavender eye pillow from Urban Spa, and a sandalwood and myrrh scented candle that come with a sturdy wooden crate that is excellent for storage and can be repurposed for décor or furniture around the house.

  • Thymes Olive Leaf Bar Soap - 195g
    Thymes Olive Leaf Bath Salts Envelope - 60g
    Thymes Olive Leaf Sink Set
    Thymes Olive Leaf Hand Cream - 70ml
    Thymes Olive Leaf Cologne - 50ml
    Thymes Olive Leaf Home Fragrance Mist - 85g
    Thymes Olive Leaf Body Wash - 270ml
    Thymes Frasier Fir Scented Botanical Ornament
    Thymes Jade Matcha Body Lotion - 4.5ml
    Pre de Provence - Olive Lavande Soap - 350g
    Two (2) Dresdner Essenz Bath Salts - 60g
    Reed Diffuser
    Flavored Chocolate
    Glass Holder
    Tea Forte Samplers
    Urban Spa - Eye Pillow
    Exfoliating Body Buffer

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