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Sweet and Spicy Picnic Basket

  • Your Gift Recipient's taste buds will go wild with the sweet and spicy gourmet items in this picnic basket including Mexican tortilla soup, sweet caramel dips, East Shore pretzels, and Medium Roast Coffee. Who could ask for anything more! Add wine if you wish!
  • Dorians - Croustilles - 175g x2
    Muscoca Roastery Coffee Co - 60g x3
    East Shore - Dipping Caramel - 142g
    East Shore - Mustard - 142g
    East Shore-dipping-pretzel - 170g
    Gaga - Gluten-free chocolate chip - 142g
    Mitchell’s Soup - MEXICAN TORTILLA SOUP
    Mitchell’s Soup - MULLIGATAWNY SOUP
    Nude-bee honey- 250g
    Too Good Gourmet - Dip Mix - 43g
    Yorkville - Jelly and Jam - 250ml x 2

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Pretty good

The hamper was as expected. The assortment, if not over the top, was satisfactorily decent. One thing I would like to say specifically is that the service was very good. The hamper was delivered well on time and everything was perfect. Would like to explore some baskets in the higher range also.