The Perfect Weekend Gift Set

  • Looking for the perfect present goodies for a weekend with your loved ones? Look no further than The Perfect Weekend Gift Set from Yorkville’s. Included are a selection of delicious goodies like everything flavour crackers, salted caramel crunch cookies, creamy brie cheese, seasoned pretzels, dry roasted pistachios, a bar of dark chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, and a beautiful hexagonal cutting board for serving. And to make it into a true celebration, this set also includes a bottle of champagne, which can also be upgraded if you wish from our expansive collection.

  • Items Included In This Basket:

    Bottle of Sparkling Wine/Champagne - This gift includes a bottle of Sparkling Wine. The sparkling wine may be upgraded to any of the Champagnes/Sparkling Wines from our extensive Champagne collection, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great gift even better.

    Cheese :Castello Brie - Brie is a soft white mould cheese. It has a mild, slightly tangy and aromatic taste with a cream and smooth consistency. This Brie will keep its mild, characteristic flavour and soft texture over time due to the fact that the maturing process is stopped when the cheese is at its best.

    Crackers :Wisecrackers Everything & More Flatbread Crackers - Perfect for snacking or elevating your cheese platter, these versatile and delicious flatbread crackers from Wisecrack are perfect for your next event.

    Nuts : Simply Naked Dry Roasted Pistachios - For the pistachio lover, our Simply Naked Dry Roasted Pistachios will make you smile. Lightly roasted to bring out all the nuances of these delicious nuts, enjoy them any way you like. Nature got it right.

    Pretzels : East Shore Seasoned Pretzel 113g  - The original EAST SHORE Seasoned Pretzels derive a fresh and appealing flavor from a unique blend of herbs and spices.

    Cookies :Cookie It Up Thin & Crisp Salted Caramel Crunch -Thin and crisp with rich caramel flavour and a light sprinkling of sea salt. even better. 

    Olive Oil :Campi Verdi di Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil - From planting, to harvest, to press, Campi Verdi Di Toscana’s traditionally prepared Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with care every step of the way.

    Chocolate :Bruges Dark Chocolate Bar - Made with high-quality ingredients. Boasting a smooth texture and refined flavor in every bite, this is the perfect sweet accompaniment to your favorite wine.

    Cutting Board : Hexagonal Acacia End Grain Cutting Board - This gorgeous Hexagonal Acacia End Grain Cutting Board is perfect for serving charcuterie, appetizers, cakes, or just for use in the kitchen. Measuring 29 cm in diameter and at 2.5cm thick, it makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

What Is Included in this Champagne Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

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Harleigh Rivers
Easy to shop on their website.

Bought again for my daughter as Christmas gift. Every thing is great.

Padraig Kirby
Very easy purchase for a quality item.

Seamless process from start to finish. I pursued other options in the past, but gave up because it was too much hassle.