The Savoury Snack Gift Basket

  • The Savoury Snack Gift Basket features wonderful flavours and savoury items that can be enjoyed by a group or a family. Featured in this gift set is a pasta, aglio arrostito, grana padano cheese, crackers, creamy brie cheese, sweet heat jerky, thin pepperoni sticks, and a bottle of wine. For serving, we have included a wooden cutting board and a set of 4 acacia wood pasta tools that include a pasta measuring tool, cheese grater, gunny cloth, and pasta serving spoon. You may customize this gift set by adding on gourmet goodies, wine, champagne, liquor, and more from our extensive collection.

  • Items Included In This Basket:

    Bottle of Wine : This gift includes a bottle of wine.

    4 Piece Acacia Wood Pasta Tool Set : Make serving pasta a breeze with these wonderful acacia wood pasta tools! There is a pasta measuring tool, a cheese grater with reservoir, gunny cloth, and a pasta serving utensil.

    Rummo Mastri Pasti Capellinis : Capellini is a delicate, traditional shape of pasta requiring careful and attentive preparation. It's ideal served with fresh tomato sauces, in broth, or simply with butter and sage

    Sacla Italia Aglio Arrostito Sauce : Our Cherry Tomato & Roasted Garlic pasta sauce is bursting with the sweetness of Italian whole cherry tomatoes and simple ingredients like roasted garlic and parsley.

    Partners Crackers Toasted Sesame : Tasteful and delicious, these snack crackers are perfect for pairing with cheeses, spreads, dips, charcuterie, or just enjoying on their own!

    Castello Brie : Brie is a soft white mould cheese. It has a mild, slightly tangy and aromatic taste with a cream and smooth consistency. This Brie will keep its mild, characteristic flavour and soft texture over time due to the fact that the maturing process is stopped when the cheese is at its best.

    Great Canadian Meat Beef Jerky Sweet Heat : These strips of Sweet Heat jerky are small, and they are sliced to a medium thickness. The texture is more on the dry side, and it requires a reasonable amount of effort to chew. The aroma is fragrant and inviting. There are no visible signs of fat, and handling this jerky leaves no oily residue on your fingers. The first flavors detected are mild to moderate levels of saltiness and sweetness. A juicy taste from the apple juice is noticeable, and it complements the overall flavor profile nicely.

    Wagener's Pepperoni Thin Mild : This bold and flavourful salami is a true delight. Crafted with dedication and care, this salami is a wonderful snack on its own, or as part of an appetizer when served alongside cheese, wine, and spreads. Ready To Eat - Keep Refrigerated.

    Grana Padano (FW) Wedge : Similar to parmesan, Grana Padano is an Italian cheese with a rich history and tradition. This deliciously nutty, hard cheese grates wonderfully over pastas and salads.

    Black Edge Acacia Wood Cutting Board : This cutting board is the perfect standard size cutting board for all your cutting needs. In addition, its beautiful coloring lends itself to the fine black edge along the front. Serve, chop, and eat in style with the Black Edge Acacia Wood Cutting Board.

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Klara Raymond
10/10 I love them!

The packaging itself was pristine and everything arrived in tact. Will definitely keep ordering from you.

Justin Dawson
Happy recipient

I ordered a basket online for my friend. It was delivered in time...Tq for your service

Annabell Boyer
Affordable cost

Excellent service! I get a bit nervous when organising something from another state, so I was incredibly happy that my gift basket arrived on the exact day required.

Aaliyah Shah
The spreads were awesome

Ordered it for the holidays and I don't think it could have been better in any kind of way. The inclusions were par excellence in freshness and taste. The olive and sundried tomatoes spreads were something not to miss at all. The artful packaging was apt to make it a great gift. Much recommended.

Ben Mayo
Basket of goodies

Mom sent me this hamper for my 27th birthday. It was delightful; a basket full of tempting and delicious goodies. I really enjoyed all of it. Will recommend it.