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Five Easy Tips To Spread Holiday Cheer

December 01, 2017

Five Easy Tips To Spread Holiday Cheer

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The leaves have fallen, the days grow short, and the wind has a bite most bitter. The dog days of summer are but a distant memory, and winter has truly begun. It can be something of a downer facing the sharp cold of early winter, with an end months away, and the bright warmth of spring far off. But not everything is dreary and dull, for with winter comes the holiday season, a time to summon good joy and merriment to share with our loved ones. It can be difficult finding the holiday spirit when the weather outside is frightful, but Yorkville’s is here to help, with our five festive ways to spread holiday cheer! Featuring our "Jingle all the Way" Holiday Gift Basket, soon to be seen seen on CBC's The Goods.


Barbury Brie Baker Gift Basket


First things first, food. Everybody loves a delightfully delectable delicious treat, making it an easy and obvious way to muster holiday spirit to share with your loved ones. Be it a savoury gourmet meal or a sweet treat, food has a way of raising spirits, and plays a central role in any festive gathering. The colder seasons are a time to experience and indulge in bold rich tasting foods, and make for the perfect treats to share during the holidays. Filled with rich chocolates, gourmet cheese, delightfully bold spreads, seasoned crackers, a bottle of wine, and more, Yorkville’s Barbury Brie Baker Gift Basket is a wonderful collection of treats that will raise spirits and bring joy. Should you find yourself either guest or host during the holidays this year, make sure to have a supply of foods to share with others, and remember, at this time of year there is no such thing as too much.

-Coming Together- 

Gathering with our closest friends, family, and loved ones is an important part of the holiday season. During this communal time of year, sharing memories, telling stories, eating together, and laughing together is a wonderful way of spreading seasonal cheer. By being close to those we care about most helps entertain the soul, and raises spirits. Experience and share joy by catching up with family and reconnecting with old friends, while embracing the festive mood of the moment. However, as an extra piece of advice, leave the drama at home. The holiday season is a time for enjoying the company of those we love, not for climactic stand offs. Relax, enjoy the company, and don’t use a festive get-together as a means to air some dirty laundry, so to speak.


Gifting is a wonderful way of spreading holiday cheer. It allows us to express gratitude and appreciation for the people in our lives in a generous and thoughtful manner. No matter what the gift is, a sincere effort to give something meaningful sends a warm message and sense of positivity, a wonderfully traditional way of spreading joy during the holidays. Yorkville’s offers a wide selection of delightful gifts, ensuring you have the options and resources available to pick the perfect gift. The Frosty and Friends Gourmet Chocolate Fruit and Wine Platter is a wonderful option. Filled with seasonally themed treats, two bottles of wine, decor, and more, the Frosty and Friends Gourmet Chocolate Fruit and Wine Platter is the perfect treat to share this Christmas season.

-Festive Decor-


Sprucing up the old homestead is another lovely way to raise holiday cheer. With garlands, wreaths, candles, figures, Christmas trees, and more; you’ll find yourself and others won’t be able to help themselves from getting into the holiday spirit. Wrapping a garland around the bannister, placing a tree in the corner, and hanging a wreath on the door are quick and easy ways to transform the feeling of your home, bringing seasonal charm and Christmas cheer. Yorkville’s festive holiday gift baskets are brimming with character, and many feature beautiful holiday decor. As featured on the CBC television program The Goods the “Jingle all the Way” Holiday Gift Basket is an adorable gift filled with delightful treats that are easy to share. The gift is bundled together in a festively decorative basket, complete with ribbon and jingle bells. Yorkville’s holiday baskets not only function as wonderful vessels for our assorted gifts, but also live on past this purpose as beautiful pieces of decoration, and as attractive storage options for household knick-knacks.


Our final, and in my opinion most important, tip for spreading holiday cheer is to offer a chance to relax and enjoy the holidays. The build up to the Christmas season can be frantic and busy, so when the holiday finally arrives among the first things on everybody’s mind is being able to kick-back and relax. If you are playing host during the holidays, offer your guests a warm beverage and the chance to sit down and savour the moment. Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate have a way of helping everyone breathe deep, relax, and feel at home. A warm beverage can work wonders for easing tensions and ensuring everybody has a delightful, cozy, and most importantly cheerful holiday. If you find yourself a guest during the holidays, ensure your host has all the help they need so that they to can relax and enjoy the festive season.

Relax with a hot beverage


Though the holidays can be hectic and stressful, it’s important to remember that it is all in the name of spreading joy and good spirits. By following our tips you’ll not only find yourself, but your friends and family, all beaming with Christmas cheer. So gather together with loved ones, share in a feast, give meaningful gifts, decorate festively, kick-back with a warm drink, and you’ll find yourself and those around you having a truly happy holiday.

For more ways to spread delight and cheer during the holidays, see CBC’s The Goods, featuring our “Jingle all the Way” Holiday Gift Basket on December 20th. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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