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Thanksgiving: Gift Bold and New or Traditional Comfort?

September 27, 2017

Thanksgiving: Gift Bold and New or Traditional Comfort?

Offering a gift of gratitude to those you are thankful for is a kind and beautiful act during the Thanksgiving season. Gifts of food and treats are standard for the holiday, but there is a plethora of ways to go about it, and some may be a better fit than others.

Is it better to stick with the tried and true traditional gifts of Thanksgiving, nostalgic and reminiscent of the holiday’s spirit, or is it better to gift in a bold new direction, valuing character and impact? Both have their merits, and both as gifts of gratitude are intrinsically caring and thoughtful options, but one choice may be preferable over the other.

Traditional Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Traditional Thanksgiving Gift Basket
Fresh Harvest Gift Basket

Traditional Thanksgiving gifts typically include flavours of the season. Thanksgiving owes its origins to harvest festivals, and seasonal foods have been central to the theme ever since. Smooth rich chocolates, produce fresh from the orchard, baked treats, and maple syrup are traditional elements of Thanksgiving gifts. These flavours are all wonderfully delicious, and have become tied to the holiday appropriately.

Palettes evolve and change with the seasons, and something that was crisp and refreshing in the summer may taste empty and unsatisfying in cooler weather; as such traditional Thanksgiving Gift Baskets come packed with a variety of distinct and hearty flavours.

Yorkville’s offers a number of traditional autumn and Thanksgiving gift baskets perfect for the occasion. The Fresh Harvest Gift Basket is a wonderful option, filled with orchard fresh apples and pears, rich chocolates, fine wines, and more. Everything about this basket, from its range of flavours to the wooden bushel basket the contents arrive in, are traditional of the season and make for a wonderful Thanksgiving gift.

The Autumn Bark Gift Basket is another lovely traditional choice, channeling the autumn spirit through its earthy tones and densely rich flavours.

Bold Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Bold Thanksgiving Gift Basket
The Gourmet Nachos Gift Basket

Alternatively, one could gift something bold and new for Thanksgiving. Going against the traditional grain when it comes to gifting opens up a wide variety of options, and allows the gift to be a little more fun.

A non-traditional basket tends to experiment with flavours and colour, and might have a unique theme granting it some extra character. A bold new take on the traditional Thanksgiving gift basket offers the opportunity to be more impactful, and thus lead to longer lasting memories.

When it comes to exciting non-traditional Thanksgiving Gift Baskets, Yorkville’s offers a number of options. The Gourmet Nachos Gift Basket makes for a wonderful non-traditional Thanksgiving gift, while maintaining the spirit of the holiday. Nachos are a delicious and easy to share communal food that brings people closer together while experiencing bold and hearty flavours, if that doesn’t sound like Thanksgiving, nothing does.

The A Taste of Paris Gift Basket is another wonderful option, offering a fun and delicious Parisian bistrot theme. The rich flavours within the basket are perfectly suited for autumn, and are also easy to share. Charcuterie, cheese, and mini toasts mean one can partake in a Parisian themed appetizer, while the fine chocolate, gourmet cookies, and decadent French-style hot chocolate make for a lovely after meal treat.

Both a traditional autumn themed Thanksgiving Gift Basket, or something bold and different make for wonderful Thanksgiving gifts. Ultimately, the recipient’s tastes and opinions will influence which they would prefer, and should be carefully considered before committing to a choice. Somebody who leans towards bold fashions may prefer something a little more unique and non-traditional, whereas a great lover of autumn may prefer something more traditional and indicative of the season.