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Mother’s Day Traditions From Around The World

April 18, 2018

Mother's Day Traditions

No matter where your mom is from, our Mother’s Day Gift Baskets will make her day.

With so many different cultures around the world, there is quite a lot that separates us, but there is even more than unites us. We speak thousands of languages, but a smile is universally understood. We have different goals and ambitions, but we all have hopes and dreams. Mothers raise their children differently depending on location and culture, but all mothers are loving and caring. Every country is unique, so it’s no surprise that Mother’s Day is celebrated a little differently depending on the country. No matter what country your mom is from, Yorkville’s Mother’s Day Gift Baskets are sure to put a smile on her face.

Let’s have a look at some unique Mother’s Day traditions from around the world.

 Mother's Day Traditions


People in Thailand celebrate Mother’s Day on the Queen’s birthday. The current queen’s birthday is on August 12, and that day is a national holiday. The Queen is regarded as the ‘Mother of the Nation’ because of her devotion towards the well being of her people. In the weeks leading up to her birthday, buildings around the country are draped with the National Flag and portraits of her majesty. Parades and concerts are held in her honour, with plenty of fireworks lighting up the sky. Thai people also pay tribute to their own mothers by gifting them white Jasmine flowers (White represents the purity of a mother’s love), and in return their mothers bless them.


Mother’s Day in Japan is a nation-wide art contest where children draw portraits of their moms that are displayed in supermarkets across the country. Competition isn’t mandatory, you can simply draw a picture of your mom and give it to her – which might be preferable if your drawings look like something you do while you're blindfolded.


Buddha’s birthday falls on the same day as Mother’s Day in Taiwan. Many events in Taiwan convey gratitude to mothers and Buddha. The traditional ‘Washing of the Buddha’ ceremony is held on this day, where Buddhists bathe their Buddha idols with fragrant water. This ritual highlights the fact that it’s easy to wash away physical dirt but it's much harder to wash away our “inner dirt” like greed, anger, and ignorance.

Spain & Portugal

In Spain & Portugal, making a Mother’s Day gift becomes a fun subject at school. In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, children spend a few hours every day preparing a Mother’s Day gift. Teachers provide guidance and monitor progress. These children probably wish that Mother’s Day was celebrated more than once a year.


In the countries that now make up the former country known as Yugoslavia, children sneak into their mother's bedroom early in the morning and tie her up while she’s sleeping. If she wants to be untied, she must promise to give gifts to her children. This isn’t as appalling as it sounds, because on Children’s Day, which is a week before Mother’s Day, parents tie up their children! The children are only freed after they promise to be good.

 Mother's Day Traditions

Happy Mother’s Day

As a species, we face many challenges ahead, but with our loving mothers watching over us, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. We hope these Mother’s Day traditions from around the world inspire you to start your own. Happy Mother’s Day!


Author: Rohan Parekh