Our Unique Passover Gifts Have Some Of The Best Nuts For Weight Loss

March 29, 2018

Unique Passover Gifts

You’d be nuts not to consider nuts for overall good health

Summer is just around the corner and we have a few suggestions to help you get in shape. You might think it’s too early to start getting into shape, after all Passover isn’t even over and winter is still on its way out. But you don’t want to wait any longer because procrastination is the root of all evil and before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll wish you had done something earlier. Then you’ll end up promising yourself that you’ll get in shape for next summer! So to get in shape for summer – This summer! – Nuts should be at the forefront of your mind. Our unique Passover gifts contain some of the best nuts for weight loss, like almonds, pistachios, and cashews, which are all available in our Nuts, Honey & Grapes Passover Gift Basket.

Unique Passover Gifts

Nuts are ideal for effective weight management and have numerous other health benefits. Eating almonds before you workout can help you burn more fat and carbs during your workout, and if eaten before a meal, it helps you feel full so that you don’t overeat. One of the best nuts for weight loss is pistachios because of the high protein, low calories, low saturated fat, and that’s not even mentioning that they are an excellent source of Vitamin E, which is great for preventing cancer. Cashews are amazing because they are good for your eyes, they lower your blood pressure, and go a long way in preventing weight gain.

Now that you know our unique Passover gifts contain some of the best nuts for weight loss, you’re probably wondering what else you can do to get in shape. Well, it doesn’t take an Einstein to know that the answer to that question is one simple word: Exercise. That answer is so clear that if it were a glass window, a bird might hit it. Out of all the weight loss tips you read, exercise will undoubtedly be the most helpful one, along with eating right of course. Even though Passover is a busy time of year with one family dinner after another, let it serve as the wake-up call you need to improve your lifestyle.

Unique Passover Gifts

One of the best ways to achieve any goal is to visualize achieving it. So go ahead and visualize your dream weight. Write that number down on a sticky note and stick it somewhere where you’ll see it often, like your fridge, mirror, desk, etc. Write the word ‘GOAL’ above that number. Now get on the weighing scale and see your actual weight. If the difference bothers you, start paying attention to your diet, start exercising right, and go ahead and feast on some of the best nuts for weight loss. If you do all this, you’ll not only get in shape for summer, but for the rest of your life – And you’ll forever remember that you started reinventing yourself during Passover! Good luck and see you at the beach!


Author: Rohan Parekh