Classic Anniversary Gifts for the Modern Day

July 26, 2017

Classic Anniversary Gifts for the Modern Day

It’s Summer! Summer means more time outside in warm weather. Everything is green and everything is good. It’s the season for amusement parks, ice cream, splash ponds and lazy days. Responsibilities seem a little less important, and fun seems a little more urgent. It’s no wonder then, that summer love is a thing. There are dozens of songs written about it, and August is definitely the biggest month when it comes to wedding season. Simply put, it’s the easiest time to be outside with friends to celebrate any happy occasion.

Whether you’ve got a wedding to attend, or you’re celebrating a major anniversary with your sweetheart this summer, we have a list of great gift ideas all put together for you.

Coming from long-stemmed tradition begun by the Holy Roman Empire, there is a series of classic anniversary gifts that are meant to reflect the time spent together. Commonly, these are items that can be given to one’s spouse, or given by guests at a celebration in their honour. While there are some variations globally as to what these items should be, there are also common themes that prevail.

5 years – Wood
There is a reverence to be found in a well-crafted wooden gift. While it may seem old-fashioned, there is still a wholesome and timeless feeling to good woodworking, and when done right, it faithfully reflects the nature of true love. One of our favourite gifts to give is personalized cutting boards. Beautifully handcrafted and sure to see lots of use, these boards are far from mundane, and will be sure to evoke happy memories every time they are used.
Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas

10 years – Tin
Now often replaced with more precious metals, tin is still a fun material to play with when it comes to gifting. As an accompaniment to other items, a gourmet tin box of chocolate truffles or strawberries is a great way to add a bit of tongue-in-cheek feel to your gift.
Tin Anniversary Gift Ideas

15 years – Crystal
The term “crystal” is a general one, relating to any object that has a crystalline molecular structure. While that may sound too scientific to be romantic, what it really means is that crystals are found everywhere in everyday life, and not just in the gemstones most people think of when they hear the word. In our opinion, the best way to celebrate a Crystal year is with a bottle of your favourite fine wine (maybe Cristal?) or liquor, served in crystal glasses with a crystal decanter.
Crystal Anniversary Gift Ideas

20 years – Porcelain
The densest, and therefore highest quality of ceramics, porcelain is also known as “china” after its place of origin.  A beautiful gift to give or receive, we recommend a high-quality tea set or other unique ceramic piece for this anniversary.

25 years – Silver
The first traditional wedding anniversary gift from the Holy Roman Empire was a silver wreath to celebrate 25 years. Centuries later, the silver tradition still holds, and the anniversary is even referred to as a “Silver Jubilee”.  

30 years – Pearl
Natural or cultured, freshwater or seawater, pearls are a classic beauty. Prized the world over, they are a global symbol of luxury, and are alluded to in many other luxury items. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to give a pearl-themed gift, consider giving the gift of pearl tea. Also known as gunpowder tea, this style of tea is less fragile, and retains stronger, longer-lasting flavours than regular loose-leaf tea, making it a great gift for any “devotea”.

40 years – Ruby
While rubies may be the gift du jour for a 40-year celebration, it is difficult to give as a celebratory gift to others. To celebrate this big occasion, we recommend one of our many ruby-red gift baskets.

50 years – Gold
The universal symbol for wealth, gold is the second original gift from the Holy Roman Empire. After 50 years of devotion, treat that special someone to a day of rest, relaxation, and luxury with our Ultimate Thymes Gold Leaf Gift Set.Gold Anniversary Gift Ideas

60 years – Diamond
They say diamonds are forever, so it’s no surprise this one comes at the end! While originally intended as the gift for a 75-year anniversary, the diamond has been the symbol of 60 for approximately one hundred years now. Diamond jewellery is plentiful and easy to find, but is not to everybody’s taste. Our diamond decanter is one solution to that problem. Elegant and unique, it is a beautiful alternative to show just how valuable one person can be to another.Diamond Anniversary Gift Ideas

Regardless of if you’re a modernist or traditionalist, there’s a bit of fun to be found when it comes to picking anniversary gifts. The important thing is to be playful with it, and make sure the gift is sincere!